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Polymer Clay Sculptures

   It took me over a year and a half, using Sculpey Polymer Clay, to recreate The Addams Family exactly like Charles Addams drew them in his New Yorker cartoons.  Cousin Itt was actually a one piece resin model kit that I painted and then gave him a pair of Barbie glasses to wear. But the rest of the family I sculpted myself.  I have always done my artwork in 2D.  So making something in 3D was brand new to me.  I have Anthony (a.k.a. The Ace of Clay) and his MARVELOUS YouTube videos to thank for getting me started on even thinking about attempting to do this. It's been a real learn as you go process for me with many 'mistakes' along the way (I ended up having to make a total of THREE heads for Pugsley before I FINALLY got him right).  After I sculpted each figure, I then painted them with acrylic paints.


   The next one I made was from the excellent Australian horror film 'The Babadook' that revolves around a character in a VERY scary children's picture book that comes to life.


   I will now be tackling something completely different and make my daughter's two cats out of sculpey!

Poe Frame_edited.jpg

The Addams Family

Moona and Grandma Frame_edited.jpg

The BabaDOOK

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