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Muffletump comes to visit her cousin Mitzi in the big city.  But things don't work out for her there.  So, Mitzi flies back with Muffletump to where she lives in the country.  But that doesn't work out very well, either.  So . . . What are two cousins who would love to live close by to each other going to do?  

Availability: Paperback and ebook


Scary Fright is the perfect little monster​! She growls and howls and loves eating spiderweb soup . . . with extra slime.  But lately, she has been acting verrrry strangely.   She wants a kitten for a pet and even says "Please and thank you!"  So, her parents take her to see Dr. Ghastly and discover that Scary has a TERRIBLE case of  . . . Well, you'll just have to read the story to find out!


Availability: Out of Print, but you may be able to find a good used copy online or at your local library.


Maddies LOVES monsters and spending time with her dad.  But he has a new job and lately, he's just been too busy to do anything with her.  So, Maddie opens up her 'Build-a-Beast' kit and builds another dad who will play with her.  But things don't work out quite the way she planned . . . and maybe, monster dads still aren't as good as the real ones!

Availability: Hardcover and ebook (Hardcover only)

Mouse calls her friend Elephant to see if he can play.  But he doesn't feel at all well.  He may EVEN have . . .  the dreaded ZOO FLU!  So Mouse calls their friend Giraffe to tell her about Elephant.  Giraffe calls another friend who calls another.  But something is wrong with the phones and it's hard to hear what is said.  So what each of his friends hears about him just gets wackier and wackier . . . and maybe . . . just maybe, it isn't the ZOO FLU after all!

Availability: ebook  

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