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Children's Illustration

Dolphin in Pool Frame_edited.jpg
Beast Friends - Dolphin  1_edited.jpg
Elephant Bubbles Frame.jpeg
Beast Friends - Elephant  Bubbles 1_edit
Polar Bear Frame_edited.png
Grantwood Farm Frame.jpeg
Beast Friends - Polar Bear 1_edited.jpg
Beast Friends - Triceratops_edited.jpg
Dragon BBQ Frame.jpeg
Beast Friends - Dragon 1_edited.jpg
Tiger Tea Party Frame.jpeg
Beast Friends - Tiger_edited.jpg

Unpublished Stories:

Gorey Frame.jpeg
Gorey Sketch.jpeg
Moona and Grandma Frame.jpeg
_Are You Out There__ Humans 3.jpeg

"Are You Out There?"

8 Eyed Alien Frame.jpeg
_Are You Out There__ 8 Eyes 1_edited.jpg

"Yipes!  She's Got Stripes!"

Grantwood Farm Frame.jpeg
Scan 11.jpeg
Miracle Frame.jpeg
Scan 5.jpeg

Newly Published Ebook - The Elephone Book:

Rapping Elephant Frame.jpeg
The Elephone Book Text and Illustrations Pg.10 .jpeg
Dragon BBQ Frame.jpeg
Elephone Party Frame.jpeg
Page_027_cc57 copy_edited.jpg
Dolphin in Pool Frame_edited.jpg
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